Our objectives

The OpenU consortium partners are collaborating to create a European platform for blended and online learning, academic cooperation and virtual/blended mobility, building on the strengths of existing solutions and with a view to pave the way for the establishment of the eU.university.

This platform called BLOOM will provide the digital infrastructure for higher education policy experimentation that covers three spheres, namely; learning, mobility and cooperation in order to co-create and co-deliver innovative pedagogies for transnational cooperation and internationalised curricula.

The overall goals of these experimentations are: to find ways to reduce individual as well as institutional efforts for administrating the student and staff journey and to generate innovative and competitive learning and cooperation programs increasing the attractiveness of the EHEA.

The objectives of OpenU in its three main spheres of activity are:

  • Learning Sphere: connecting course catalogues by means of "smart catalogues" and showcasing online education
  • Mobility Sphere: streamlining the administrative processes for student and staff mobility
  • Cooperation Sphere: repository of guidelines, examples of best practices and tools for cooperation

Two strategic approaches will be followed while implementing the BLOOM Hub:

1. Connecting stakeholders

The BLOOM Hub will foster European Higher Education cooperation through digital processes, focusing at those institutions participating in the European University Initiative. It will support mobility between universities, promote online cooperation between academic stakeholders across countries and institutions by providing expertise and peer-to-peer learning.  In that aspect, the cooperation activities will be based on six Priority Actions which were formulated respecting the each of the spheres as: 

  • PA1: Development of multiple degrees
  • PA2: Development of MOOCs & Micro-Masters
  • PA3: Identification, creation and management of mobility windows
  • PA4: How to give a lecture in a virtual classroom?
  • PA5: Organization of collaborative online courses
  • PA6: Integration of the OpenU hub with university digital infrastructure (APIs)
  • PA7: How to develop online cooperation (digital lab)?
  • PA8: How to support blended learning?
  • PA9: Change management for university leadership in a digital world - raising awareness on the added value of the hub

2. Providing technical infrastructure

The BLOOM Hub will serve as exchange infrastructure in the background to (invisibly) connect local software of universities. It will support the provision of exchange and inter-connectivity of digital infrastructure of universities. The hub will be developed in an incremental, step-by-step approach. This agile development will include the experimentation and testing, evaluation and policy dialogue to further develop the technical infrastructure by integrating experimentation results and different perspectives throughout the whole project lifetime.

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